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We work in a wide range of industries. This includes the construction industry and the equipment they use  – such as excavators, cranes, drilling and piling rigs. Other industries we work in are the glass, rail, wool, food as well as building maintenance.

Each industry has a range of hydraulic equipment that is needed to keep things moving. We specialise in each of these areas so you know we will get the problem diagnosed and fixed quickly.


We provide a range of hydraulic services for the construction industry. With our specialist hydraulic engineering skills and workshop in Campbellfield, we can repair equipment – including earthmovers, excavators, cranes, drilling and piling rigs to keep downtime to a minimum. This includes repairing hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and control valves.

We work with Komatsu, Caterpillar, Kobelco, Mait, Soilmec, Herrenknecht and more.


Glass is both heavy and fragile. This mean it needs to be handled carefully at all times. If not the glass can easily shatter. That’s why the glass industry uses a range of hydraulic equipment which is maintained to a very high standard. The range of equipment the glass industry uses includes ones designed to lift and carry glass. It also includes specialist hydraulic equipment – such as cylinders that are designed specifically for use in the glass industry.

We have the specialist skills, knowledge and experience in the glass industry to keep all your hydraulics working at their best. We can also provide preventative maintenance services so any problems are identified before they become an issue.


There is a lot of hydraulic equipment used in the building maintenance industry. One of the most widely used equipment is the BMU (Building maintenance unit). It is also sometimes called suspended scaffolding or gondola. They are often used for window cleaning of high rise buildings. However, they can also be used for painting as well as other types of repairs.

With any equipment used at heights it is important that safety is the first priority. That’s why we specialise in servicing and maintaining the hydraulics used in the building maintenance industry – including BMU’s.


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The agriculture industry, including the wool industry relies heavily on a range of hydraulic systems. This includes wool presses. We understand the seasonal nature of the wool industry. This is why we provide a quick service when it comes to the repair of wool presses. We do this with our workshop in Campbellfield or onsite.

As we have a relationship with a range of suppliers we can also source parts as fast as possible. All of this means minimal downtown when you need your hydraulic systems working at their best.


Railways depend on hydraulics. That is why we provide a range of hydraulic solutions for the rail industry. Solutions that will keep trains running and tracks smooth for both freight and passenger services.

Our range of services include hydraulic repair, hydraulic supplies as well as hydraulic maintenance services. We understand that you can’t afford to have trains cancelled so we provide a quick turn around service.



The food industry uses a wide range of hydraulic equipment. Extreme temperatures, high pressure and speed are common factors found in the food industry. That’s why hydraulic systems have been specifically designed to cope with these operating conditions.

We provide our hydraulic services to a range of food industry equipment. This includes conveyance systems, sealing bottles and cans, commercial grade mixers and blenders and ingredient dispensers. We understand that you need a quick turnaround time so that your food production process is not at a standstill.