At Motion Hydraulics we have both the experience and skills. This means we provide an extensive range of hydraulic services that can be customised to meet your specific requirements. 

Our range of services include troubleshooting faults, repairs, servicing and overhauling of hydraulic pumps, motors, valves, hydraulic power units, accumulators, cylinders as well as air over hydraulic units. 

Some of the other services we provide include the design and building of hydraulic power units and systems, machining and welding, as well as tube and hose installation. If you need hydraulic equipment we can help with this as well – including custom made hydraulic hoses. Alternatively, if you need your hydraulic system installed and commissioned we can do that as well.

We work with HAWE, Kawasaki, Rexroth, Sauer Sundstrand, Danfoss, Eaton, Vickers and more.

We provide these services from both our workshop in Campbellfield as well as onsite at our client’s premises.

Repair And Overhaul

We keep machine downtime to a minimum by providing a fast and reliable repair and overhaul of hydraulic equipment. The range of equipment we repair includes pumps, motors, valves, cylinders as well as other equipment.

Most basic faults identified and repaired onsite. For more complex problems our workshop in Campbellfield allows us to quickly diagnose the problem. This means repairs are carried out quickly to minimise disruption to your business. In addition, as we work with an extensive range of key suppliers it means we can quickly source the part needed.


With our engineering expertise we are able to provide a complete solution for our clients, This includes the design and build of hydraulic equipment. We work with clients from the initial concept stage to fully installed and commissioned equipment.

By having experience across a range of industries, including construction, building maintenance, rail, wool, glass and food, we are able to provide a fast response with a tailored solution for your business.


Modern hydraulic systems can be complex. As a result problems can be caused by a range of issues. Some common issues include low performing hydraulic pumps, faulty valves and internal damaged components due to contamination.

We understand that the key to accurately troubleshooting your hydraulic systems is in correctly identifying the problem. From this we determine the cause and the best solution to fix the issue. This means we will get your machinery back up and running as quickly as possible so you can minimise downtime.


Along with performing many of our services from our Campbellfield workshop, we also provide onsite services to our clients.

Some of the onsite services we provide include preventative maintenance servicing, system installation and commissioning, equipment overhauls as well as hose replacement.

We provide our onsite services to all of Victoria. This includes Melbourne, Geelong and Bendigo.


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With our workshop in Campbellfield we provide a range of machining and welding services.

Our machining services include turning, honing, milling, boring and drilling for a range of equipment including hydraulic cylinder rods, barrels and heavy machinery parts.

Machinery is subject to wear and tear. This is especially true for highly stressed areas – including joints that can crack.  However, rather than being replaced a part can often be repaired with our welding services. It is a cost effective alternative to replacing a part.


We build custom hydraulic hose assemblies to your exact specifications and application. We take the guesswork out by using hoses, fittings and construction methods that are suitable for the type of work the assemblies will be subject to.

Types of things we take into account for our custom made hydraulic hoses include type of fluid being used, temperature range, pressure variances as well as machine or tool specifications.



We work with a range of key supplies so that we can source the hydraulic equipment you need to get your machinery back up and running. The range of equipment we supply includes pumps, hoses, motors, cylinders, filtration, accumulators, gauges and valves. Some of the suppliers we work with include:


We have the knowledge and expertise to install and commission hydraulic systems for a wide range of industries. In fact, we travel to sites all over Victoria providing this service. It is critical that the installation of a new hydraulic system is done by an expert to make sure things are right from the start.

Once installation has been completed we then perform our commissioning services. This includes testing equipment, issuing performance reports as well certificates. You need to know the new installation will work correctly from day one.