Products We Supply

When it comes to ensuring your equipment keeps working properly, you need the parts and products you can rely on. That’s why we have a close working relationship with the best brands in hydraulics. It means when you need a part we can supply it quickly- resulting in less downtime for your business.

Lubex Lubricants

Every hydraulic system requires proper lubricants designed for its specific systems requirements. Lubex produces the best specialist lubricants. This range is industrial lubricants suitable for the food, rail and construction industries.

Hawe Hydraulik

When is comes to precision parts that go the distance, HAWE Hydraulik parts are the best. This includes piston pumps, control valves, electric drive. 


Filtrec provide a range of quality filters for hydraulic systems. Filters are important to keep hydraulic parts clear of dirt and grime. Filtrec have designed filters specific to different industries including railway maintenance, refrigeration and agriculture.

Hansaflex Australia

Hansa Flex Australia provide pipe fittings, pipe clamps, couplings, ball valves, pressure gauges, pipe benders and all associated pipe and connector requirements for hydraulic systems. Their products are used in almost every industry with both high-pressure and low-pressure parts available.


Stauff are premium manufactures and suppliers of connectors, hoses, flanges, accumulators, clamps, quick release couplings, valves and diagnostic equipment.